At the heart of everything Genesis produces is the desire for a clean and constantly improving Environment. Every business has a part to play in improving the Environment and Genesis’s commitment is unending.

Genesis has committed a huge investment since 2009 in water treatment and purification and the water which leaves Genesis is at least as pure as when it comes in. The chemicals used in anodising are consistently measured and monitored and any emissions from these chemicals are also treated and monitored to ensure zero impact on the environment.

Although chemicals and water used are purified through a number of processes and readings are taken constantly throughout every day of production, alarms are fitted into the system as a failsafe.

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy may be about to drive the biggest transformation in business since the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago.

Historically major world economies have traded under a linear economy strategy. Political thinking is now driving Industries to trade under a circular economy strategy. In December 2015, the European Commission supported by National Governments including the UK, approved a new strategy and action plan for Circular Economy.

A desire for a Green Economy that will see the introduction of new Industries, providing secondary raw materials, job creation and the manufacturing base moving to incorporating efficiency measures at the design stage, are key components to meet the needs of an ever expanding population, rising standards of living and ensuring the availability of resource for future generations.

Genesis is committed to using 100% recycled aluminium in the billets, this is used under the strictest of quality controls and ensures both outstanding finish on final product but also that we completely immersed in the Circular Economy.

Waste aluminium identified during production, whilst being at a low level is also reused and recycled through the extrusion process.

We use sustainable wood and cardboard for all packaging, which then goes on to be recycled.

Genesis is also committed to a programme of lessening carbon emissions for company vehicles. All company vehicles have been replaced with Euro 5/6 compliance engines, which means they use less than 125 grams of CO2’s per Kilometre.