Quality Control

At Genesis Aluminium we pride ourselves on our product quality. We work tirelessly to ensure we achieve the highest product quality possible. Our highly trained staff carefully monitors our quality control, using the most up to date quality inspection equipment, at every stage of the production process. Our aluminium production process and quality controls ensure full traceability from start, to finish, including up to the final packing of the product. Our expert staff will carefully handle all your products with the utmost care, to ensure there is no damage possible throughout every stage of the production process. The specialist handling continues throughout the entire manufacturing process, right through until the products are expertly packed and shipped, to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

A visit around our aluminium Production Facility would immediately give any customer complete reassurance that Genesis is a company driven by excellence. We strive to ensure that our customers receive faultless products every time – we carefully check every product to make sure they are up to our exacting standards. As a Genesis customer you can rest assured that you will not receive out of specification products, we pride ourselves on capturing any quality issues, before products leave Genesis. We are pleased to say we have never have quality discussions with any of our major customers, who are always totally satisfied with the high standard of aluminium products they receive.