Aluminium Fabrication

The Fabrication division of Genesis is itself a large part of the business and clearly highlights the aims and ethos of Genesis, by being focussed and committed to producing added value products. The large and experienced fabrication department can offer anything that any customer might require. They completely understand the need for precision within a high gloss and high finish environment.

Fabrication Cutting

At Genesis we hold a huge array of saws, which allows us to offer products cut at any angle that is realistically available, but with constant regard of utilisation and clean finishes.

Fabrication Bending

The bending and forming machinery is most commonly focused around the showering market and therefore they are required to be of the highest quality. The inserts used ensure there is no deformation, whatever the curve required. This is traditionally one of the most problematic operations within aluminium fabrication and our experience is critical to ensure we consistently produce high volumes of bent profiles with meticulous precision.

Fabrication Punching

We have amassed a wide capability across our punching machinery. The punch tools are produced with great care and attention to ensure all punching operations are fast, accurate and entirely to our customers’ specification.

Fabrication Milling

A great many of our customers require milling processes as part of their aluminium fabrication. Our Milling machinery is modern and the experienced operators are very clear as to their roles in producing high levels of quality and work in a constantly clean environment. Controlling the production environment is critical to producing high quality aluminium product.

Fabrication Drilling

Our range of equipment allows us to offer any drilling required by our customers. The operations requested can be straight forward, or very complex, with jigs allowing different holes to be created, in multiple cavities, on single extrusions. Our aim is to ensure that our customers are doing as little drilling and fabrication as they can. We are the fabrication drilling division for their business.