Aluminium Extrusion Manufacture Process

The specialist Genesis Aluminium Extrusion Department is the heartbeat of the aluminium production process. All Genesis staff are highly trained specialists in creating aluminium extrusions, and as such, are as such, are experienced in working with aluminium presses.
Our skilled team ensure that every production run, on every extrusion Die receives the same high level of care and attention, no matter what the end product is destined to be used for. Producing high quality extrusions every time, is somewhere between an exact science and an art form.
Our stringent controls ensure we produce high quality aluminium extrusions at levels of productions yield, which significantly surpass the industry average.
Currently Genesis has two 5 inch presses and one 7 inch press, which allows us to be flexible for customer requirements. Genesis is purely focussed on added value aluminium, therefore extrusion is all high quality specialist products, Genesis is not producing mill finish aluminium and is not a standard extruder in that sense.