Aluminium Brushing & Polishing

To give flexibility and variety to our customers we offer a range of brushing / linishing options for your aluminium. Our specialist machines used at Genesis offer carefully controlled levels of brushed finishes, to exactly match our customers’ own specifications and desires. This finishing option is particularly popular with many of our customers. It can be combined with all of our anodising options to give a huge array of added value choices for the final product. To request an aluminium sample board, which shows some of our most requested finish options, visit our anodising options page and complete the short request form.

The careful handling of high quality aluminium extrusion is paramount throughout all areas of Genesis, as the soft and bright extrusion is easily damaged. Polishing is the critical stage and process before anodising the aluminium. Genesis has Flatbed Polishing machines for the majority of extrusions handled. These are precisely set and offer high levels of throughput, whilst still maintaining a very high level of reflective polish.

Other polishing options are available as required throughout the variety of extrusion Dies. As a specialist Aluminium Extrusion Supplier, our commitment to high gloss levels and bright finishes means that polishing is a very tightly controlled process within Genesis.