Aluminium Anodising

Anodising is the process where we treat the aluminium so it produces natural oxide coatings on the surface of the aluminium and its alloys. The purpose of this is to protect the aluminium, to make it stronger and more resistant to wear. The coating is produced when we send an electric current through a dilute acid solution, using the work as the anode. Depending on the solution used and the processing conditions, we can create a variety of colours, thicknesses, densities and hardness, to suit various briefs.

Once the aluminium has been anodised, the product will be more hardwearing due to its thicker, corrosion resistance layer.

The Genesis Aluminium Anodising Division has been specifically developed to be the experts in creating high quality finishes for added value products. The results and finishes offer a startling array of high quality options for all of our customers. When teamed with our variety of aluminium linishing options a wide variety of finishes can be achieved, to suit your individual brief.

Some of the most requested options include:

  • Polished Bright Silver Aluminium
  • Bright Silver Aluminium
  • Nickel Brushed Aluminium
  • Natural Anodised Aluminium
  • Brushed Aluminium