Genesis Aluminium Services

Genesis Aluminium ServicesAt Genesis we are the experts in manufacturing added value aluminium products. Producing high quality extrusions, is somewhere between an exact science and an art-form. We produce aluminium to the highest standards and to perfectly meet your specification. Our stringent quality controls ensure we produce high quality aluminium extrusions at levels of productions yield, which significantly surpass the industry average. We are here to advise and help at every stage of your product development, from helping with your initial design, to producing a Die development programme which will perfectly meet your needs. Having supplied aluminium globally, to various industries we are able to expertly produce your aluminium extrusions.

Aluminium Anodising and Finishing

Anodising & Aluminium FinishingOur Aluminium Anodising Division are experts when it comes to creating the high quality finish expected, for added value products. They offer a wide variety of aluminium finish options to suit your specific brief. Importantly in the finishing stages, is the aluminium polishing, before the anodising of the aluminium can take place. Our commitment to added value products means that we are continually working with high gloss levels and bright finishes. Handling is critical at every stage and ensures your quality expectations are exceeded.

Advanced Fabrication Services

Advanced Fabrication ServicesAt Genesis our role as an expert aluminium supplier and manufacturer, is to be the fabrication division of your business. Whether you are looking for your aluminium products to be cut, bent, punched, milled or drilled in a certain way, our Fabrication Division are available to manufacture your aluminium to perfectly suit your brief.

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